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Executive Board

2019-2020 PTSA Executive Board

President Jeanne Won
Secretary Donna Browne    
Treasurer Margret Roobol
Legislative Advocacy Robin Klau    
Parent Engagement Kristie Vallinayagam    
Principal Megan Keefer     
Auditor Rory Barr    
Parliamentarian Anshu Jain    
Historian Sri Sundar    
Committee Chairs      
Celebrating Campus Arts      
Communications Tatyana Milter
Grad Night Amy Ruschell    
Health & Wellness Danielle Cook    
Honorary Service Awards Abby Bronzini          
Hospitality/Staff Appreciation Deana Leibowitz    
Inclusion & Diversity OPEN    
Membership Anne-Marie Vanniasinkam    
Memory Bricks Kathy Stout          

Run for Education

Trang Jew    


Reflections Co-chair


Melanie James


Karen Robman





Scholarships Annemarie Ragland          
Sister School Danielle Martinez    
Sister School Betsy Horvath    
Special Needs Lori Woodard     
Staff Rep. Bob Allen    
updated: July 15, 2019      

You'll notice we have some open positions!

If you'd like to explore filling one of them, please contact the president.