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Athletic PE Forms

Athletic PE


Athletic PE is for 10th-12th grade students only. All 10th graders must have passed the PE 9 fitness test. 9th grade students are NOT eligible for athletic PE even if they are playing a sport at Cal High. All 9th grade students will be enrolled in PE 9. 


Athletic PE is only available to those students that compete in the East Bay Athletic League sports offered by Cal High.  


Season Begins

Application Deadline


  • Football: July 29th
  • All other sports: August 13th

September 7


  • All Winter sports: October 29th

November 15


  • All Spring sports: January 28th

February 28


Athletic PE Steps:

  1. Receive an application from outside the athletic directors office.
  2. Return your completed application along with a printed class schedule to the athletic director, no later than the application deadline.
  3. You will receive a time card once the completed application has been turned in.
  4. The head coach must sign your time card weekly.
  5. The athletic director must sign your time card every two weeks
  6. Turn in your time card with at least 75 hours of activity to the Athletic Director no later than two weeks after the conclusion of your season.