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Important Yearbook Announcements for 2019-20 School Year

All classes:

Picture Make-ups and Retakes:

Friday, September 13 there will be student picture make-ups.  If you did not take your picture / get your ID card the first week of school, please go to the Theater Lobby between 10:05-1:15 p.m. 

Thursday, October 10 is the last day for student picture retakes and make-ups.  Creative Imaging will be on campus from 8-3 p.m. in the Theater Lobby taking pictures of students who did not take their picture the first week of school and/or still need ID cards. Students who need to take their pictures should go to the front office to sign up for a time.    

Creative Imaging will also take retake photos for underclassmen (freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) who bought a picture package and want to retake their picture.  If you purchased a package, they should have arrived in the US mail. You may do retakes during brunch or lunch and remember to bring your picture package to the photographer.

Name changes:

If you would like to change your name to a name other than your legal name or share with us your preferred gender pronoun for use in the yearbook, please email Austin Ma at or via School Loop with the following information:   Full Legal Name, Desired Name Change, Preferred Gender Pronoun, Year of graduation.  Please send in by Friday, September 13th.   Thank you!


Make note of the following important yearbook picture dates to make sure you appear in the 2020 yearbook!

Senior Class Picture / Panorama on September 13 during Tutorial:

All seniors will be released to the football field at the beginning of tutorial on Friday, September 13th to take their senior class picture. A copy of this picture will be passed out to all students who buy/bought Senior Gold packages. Students who do not plan to purchase Sr. Gold packages may purchase a copy of the pano for $10. They can bring cash or check (payable to Cal High Yearbook) to Ms. Brindley in room WL-1 once the finished pictures have been delivered.  Expect senior panos to be sold / passed out to students in early October. 

Senior Portraits: 

Wednesday, November 27 is the deadline for taking senior portraits with Creative Imaging. 

All senior portraits must be taken by Creative Imaging and you must choose a picture for the yearbook by Nov 27 or Creative Imaging will choose one for you. Creative Imaging will send the image you choose to yearbook, you do not have to. If you or your senior has not yet made an appointment for and/or taken their senior portrait at Creative Imaging, please contact Creative Imaging to set up an appointment soon (or call 925-485-6025.)  

Senior Personal Ads: 

Senior Personals are the messages and picture ads bought by family and friends for seniors located at the back of the yearbook. Family and friends can purchase and create/design these fun messages on-line. We have five deadline dates with prices increasing at each deadline. Senior personals are to be created and paid for by credit card. Enter order number 7916 and click "Create An Ad" and follow the directions (Checkout this Flyer for more details on Senior Personal Ads).

Paid by Aug 26, 2019: $66 (1/8 page), $132 (1/4 page)
Paid by Sept. 16, 2019: $72 (1/8 page), $144 (1/4 page)
Paid by Oct. 7, 2019: $78 (1/8 page), $156 (1/4 page)
Paid by Oct. 28, 2019: $89 (1/8 page),  $178 (1/4 page)
Paid by Nov 12, 2019: $100 (1/8 page), $200 (1/4 page)

Questions? Please contact Ms Jamie Brindley, Yearbook Adviser at