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Robert Pitts

Contact Robert Pitts  Robert Pitts (925) 803-3321 ex: 24921 Geometry, Statistics, Honors Precalculus
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B.B.A. Economics - University of Houston
M.A. Economics - University of Houston

Highly Qualified Teacher certified (Mathematics)


I am originally from Houston, Texas. After 29 years in industry, I wanted to bring my passion for math to the classroom. I am especially glad to be at California High School where our three sons graduated. Other than math, my interests are Texas history (especially the colonial and Republic periods), sightseeing with my wife, and learning more about the subjects I teach.

California Common Core Standards for Mathematics

As a professional math teacher, I am excited to be involved in the teaching of Common Core Mathematics. I am someone who enjoys the challenge of understanding how fundamental mathematical concepts are interwoven between Algebra and Geometry and how such basic concepts can be combined with mathematical reasoning to solve problems of increasing complexity and difficulty.  I believe that the Common Core Standards gives students a solid foundation to build mathematical literacy and problem-solving skills to be successful in college and careers.


Following is a link to the website of the California Department of Education which gives greater detail of the Common Core Standards for high school math:



The Alamo, San Antonio
Santa Cruz