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What does a "School Counselor" do? 

Rachelle "Mrs. G" Goldenberg

Counselor for Alpha: C,D,E,I, and W! (last names)

Hello Students!!!

I am so glad you took the time to find my page. 
Mrs. G's Campus Hours: 7:30 am - 2:30 pm

(A Period - mid 5/6th Period)
*Parent meetings as needed by appointment only, preferably before school*

Phone: (925) 803-3261                  Email: 

If you have a last name that starts with a C, D, E, I, or W, I am your assigned counselor! 
I truly hope you will come by and introduce yourself. I enjoy meeting my students! 


To me, it's the most important thing you can learn through high school. 

If you have questions or need an appointment, please try to see me before school, during tutorial, brunch, or lunch.
Sign ups are also available outside my door, however I only pull small numbers of students from class each day as time allows. If I am in my office, wait to see me... I look forward to seeing you!

Meetings for/with parents are available by appointment. I try to hold parent meetings before school at 8:00 am.
Please request an appointment via email, and give a few dates that work for you, along with the purpose of the meeting and I will schedule you at the next available appointment time. 
Priority is always given to STUDENT meetings, and students bringing in questions to advocate for themselves.  

SENIORS: Be sure you are using your SENIOR GUIDE that you were given at the start of the school year.


Also available on the counseling web page.