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Congratulations 2019-20 Cal High PTSA scholarship recipients!


  • Audrey Atienza
  • Riya Belani
  • Kasey Nye
  • Christina Seronio
  • Greg Warrington
  • Siddhant Gupta-Pine Valley Puma Alumni Scholar
  • Ooha Reddy-Iron Horse Jaguar Alumni Scholar


California High PTSA Scholarships- the 2022 season of scholarships



Thank you to the Seniors who applied for our PTSA Scholarships! We received 20 applications and the competition/decisions were tough. Congratulations to the below Scholarship winners!


2022 Iron Horse Jaguar Scholarship Winner

Eunice Oh


2022 Pine Valley Puma Scholarship Winner

Macray Madruga


2022 Cal High PTSA Scholarship Winners

Mathangi Swaminathan

Madeline Goldsmith

Maison Erridge

Catherine Casserly


California High School PTSA Exceptional Education Senior Scholarships 2022 

Arran Hare 

Alex Ogata


CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done to each recipient of the Scholarship.

Through your hard work and determination, you have proven to be students that your California High School PTSA wants to recognize and encourages you to continue your educational efforts.

We wish you continued success throughout your journey of life, happiness, college, and career. 

Congrats to the Entire Class of 2022 for your graduation!

Go Grizzlies!



Cal High PTSA awards several scholarships each year to seniors who are PTSA student members.  Be sure to become a Cal High PTSA member before applying.



The scholarship is open to all California High School graduating seniors with a minimum cumulative unweighted GPA of 2.0 or above who plan to continue their education at a two or four-year college, business school or vocational trade school.

The applicant must be a PTSA member. If you are not a member, please purchase your Student PTSA membership ASAP!  This can be done at Future Fund Store.  The Student membership fee is $10.00.

Award Amount:

  • Four (4) scholarships of $1000 each to a Senior Grizzly.
  • Iron Horse PTA’s $1000 'Jaguar Scholarship' to a graduating Grizzly who attended Iron Horse Middle School.
  • Pine Valley PTA’s $1000 'Puma Scholarship' to a graduating Grizzly who attended Pine Valley Middle School.


  • Applications will open: April 10, 2023
  • Application deadline:  May 8, 2023

 * Please submit a 2-3 page essay and answer the below:

  • Describe your school activities, and briefly explain why you chose to participate in those activities, how you contributed to them, what you learned, how you grew, etc.
  • Describe your community volunteer activities and briefly explain why you chose to volunteer in those activities, how you contributed, what you learned, how you grew, etc.
  • Indicate your post-secondary education and career plans, including the school you plan to attend in the fall. Briefly explain why you chose the school (If you have not yet decided on a specific school, please list the schools you are considering.

 Judging will consider:

  • Commitment to Cal High Community
    • Activities
    • School Ambassadorship
  • Volunteerism
    • Causes
    • Organizations Supported
  • Future Planning
    • College and Career Plans
    • Long Term Aspirations

* Send your contact information, the name of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District middle school you attended and the 2-3 page essay to


Applicants will be judged by a PTSA sub-committee of 3-5 members. Judging will be "blind" - Judges won't know the name of the applicants until winners have been chosen.

The awards will be handed out live at the Senior Breakfast ceremony before the six-flags field trip, details will follow.