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Congratulations 2019-20 Cal High PTSA scholarship recipients!


  • Audrey Atienza
  • Riya Belani
  • Kasey Nye
  • Christina Seronio
  • Greg Warrington
  • Siddhant Gupta-Pine Valley Puma Alumni Scholar
  • Ooha Reddy-Iron Horse Jaguar Alumni Scholar


California High PTSA Scholarships

Cal High PTSA awards several scholarships each year to seniors who are PTSA student members.  Be sure to become a Cal HIgh PTSA member before applying.



The scholarship is open to all California High School graduating seniors with a minimum cumulative unweighted GPA of 2.0 or above who plan to continue their education at a two or four year college, business school or trade school.

Applicant must be a PTSA member. If you are not a member, please purchase your Student PTSA membership ASAP!  This can be done at Future Fund Store.  Membership fee is $10.00

Award Amount:

  • Four (4) scholarships of $1000 each to a Senior Grizzly.
  • Iron Horse PTA’s $1000 'Jaguar Scholarship' to a graduating Grizzly who attended Iron Horse Middle School.
  • Pine Valley PTA’s $1000 'Puma Scholarship' to a graduating Grizzly who attended Pine Valley Middle School.


  • Applications will open: April 5, 2021
  • Application deadline:  May 5, 2021

 * Please submit a 2-3 page essay and answer the below:

  • Describe your school activities, and briefly explain why you chose to participate in those activities, how you contributed to them, what you learned, how you grew, etc.
  • Describe your community volunteer activities and briefly explain why you chose to volunteer in those activities, how you contributed, what you learned, how you grew, etc.
  • Indicate your post-secondary education and career plans, including the school you plan to attend in the fall. Briefly explain why you chose the school (If you have not yet decided on a specific school, please list the schools you are considering.

 Judging will consider:

  • Commitment to Cal High Community
    • Activities
    • School Ambassadorship
  • Volunteerism
    • Causes
    • Organizations Supported
  • Future Planning
    • College and Career Plans
    • Long Term Aspirations

* Send your contact information, the name of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District middle school you attended and the 2-3 page essay to


Applicants will be judged by a PTSA sub-committee of 3-5 members. Judging will be "blind" - Judges won't know the name of the applicants until winners have been chosen.