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Social Studies College Prep Courses

College Prep Social Studies Classes


World Geography and Culture

This required semester-long 9th grade course constructs a foundation for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade social science curricula through the study of culture in a geographical context. Physical geography is organized in terms of location, place, environment, movement, and region. Cultural studies focus on understanding concepts that describe political, economic, belief, and social systems along with learning about present day ways of life around the world and their historical backgrounds. In addition, students will incorporate map work, globes, graphs, the internet, library resources and class discussions.

Meets UC and CSU “a” requirement


World History I II

This 10th grade course presents a narrative of world history from the roots of democracy through the present.  The course traces the development of civilizations throughout the world.  Themes include political change, economic development, the growth of science and technology, the effect of contact between cultures, and creativity in the arts.  Skill emphasis will include reading, analysis, speaking, note-taking, writing and research.

Meets UC and CSU “a” requirement.   


U.S. History

This 11th grade course is required for graduation. This is a survey course covering the major political, economic, social, and cultural developments of United States history.

This course meets UC   CSU "a" or "g" requirement.

American Government

Seniors will examine the major principles of the American political system. Particular attention will be paid to the political decision making process employed by Federal, State and local government. Students will also analyze the major institutions of the American political system, such as the Constitution, Presidency, Congress, Supreme Court, political parties, voting, elections, civil liberties and the media. Special emphasis will be placed on helping the student understand his/her role within the American political system.

This course meets UC CSU "a" or "g" requirement.



This Senior course examines the principles of the American economic system. It includes a study of comparative economic systems, economic policy-making and decision-making, and of economic issues on a personal, national and international level. This course includes principles of micro and macroeconomics.

Meets UC and CSU “g” elective requirement.



This Senior and Junior course focuses on personal growth and provides students a basic introduction to the field of psychology. Students learn to apply basic psychology concepts to themselves so they have a better understanding of who they are and how they can relate better to those around them.

U.C. Certified ‘g’ Requirement and C.S.U. Certified



Whereas psychology emphasized the examination of individual behavior, sociology studies human society, social relations, and behavior in and among groups. This course will examine topics such as culture and social structure, the adolescent in society, and the criminal justice system. Also included will be the examination of social institutions such as marriage and family and religion.